Semalt Shares 3 Valuable Tricks On Fighting Spam

Email is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to send a message. Emails have become a credible method which many companies benefit by automating various tasks such as verification of sign ups and subscriptions. Various automation and notifications can reach the users almost instantly through emails.

Unfortunately, cyber criminals have the option of using spam to carry out their endeavors. For instance, there are very many spam emails clogging many people's emails. These spam emails contain many bots which can make the people fail to achieve the maximum out of their marketing campaigns. In other cases, these messages contain links which can easily take a person to a phisher page.

Some of the methods provided by Lisa Mitchell, the leading expert of Semalt, can help you stay away from spam messages.

1. Keep your emails secret.

An email address is all a spammer needs to carry out his duties. Keeping your email secret is essential. Do not expose your email to many people as this can increase the chance of losing to the spammers. Moreover, it is possible for a person to get a spam message to all the emails in the mailbox. For individuals who own websites, do not use your email on any post. Spammers have numerous automation tools which can find and use email addresses present in a site.

2. Use spam filters.

These are software's which have the potential of detecting and blocking spam emails. These software's have many methods and resources which make them differentiate the spam emails from credible emails. Ensure that you use spam blockers come from trustworthy companies. The emails are a good way to make the spams go viral. Hence, they get an instant blockage. Google has their emails address checker for spam and can filter some of these messages. It can also scan attachments for malware and Trojans.

3. Do not click blindly.

Confirm the credibility of an URL before you click. One of the essential ways of avoiding harmful consequences is to prevent the email of a spammer entirely. Firstly, clicking a link can make you land on a phisher page. Secondly, attachments present in a spam email may contain Trojans, which are very harmful when it comes to computer safety. Persons carrying out SEO or other tasks on spams use tools which track engagement. These devices mean that clicking anything on the spam email can send feedback to them, confirming that the email address is valid for use on any website.


Many internet users fall for spam and other malicious cyber-attacks. A person surfing the internet may find a lot of emails coming from unknown sources. These emails may contain ad campaigns as well as other tasks requiring the user to execute a call-to-action task. Most of these spam emails make a user suffer a significant loss as well as increasing the vulnerability of a website. You can avoid numerous problems regarding spam by using the guidelines above. Moreover, there are many other hack attempts which you can avoid through moving away from spam.